2020 Spring Water Festival Event Cancelled

After much consideration, organizers of the 2020 Spring Water Festival announced today that the August 21 and 22 event will be cancelled.
Chairman David Meade said that with lingering concerns with COVID and due to the ages of the Springwater Committee members and health concerns of three key members and some support people, and the safety of the community, it is in the best interest to cancel this year’s festival.
“It just wouldn’t be safe for most of our committee members, and others, at this time,”
“I wish we could have it, the 39th year, but it isn’t meant to be,” Meade said.
Hopefully when we get over this COVID  situation, we can look at resuming in 2021.
Thanks to all of of our visitors, vendors and organizers for your support of the Spring Water Festival and hope to see you soon!
David Meade
Spring Water Festival